Norwich Intensive Driving Course

As a foreigner who is new to Norwich you have to get a driver’s license in order to be able to operate a vehicle. The first step towards this is finding a good driving school. There are many of them in the city so you may find it a bit confusing. Here is what you should be looking for:

•    A good intensive driving lessons Norwich school is one that passes most or all of its students at the first try. For this to happen it has to have very good instructors. Knowing how to teach students to drive is not enough; they also have to be personable – if they intimidate students it becomes much harder for them to learn.

•    You will be spending time with your instructor and also in class. To support these lessons you need additional resources like books and videos. Some schools provide these materials as part of the fees but there are some that allow students to choose. Whichever school you choose make sure that these additional resources are provided.

•    Dodgy driving schools often ask students to provide their own cars which can be problematic. Not everyone can afford to provide one and if they can it is unnecessary wear and tear. Choose a driving school that gives you a car to practice in and everything else that you need to pass the exam at the end of your course.

•    Compare fees before you make up your mind. There are some driving schools that are overly expensive only because they cater to the rich. Compare 3 or 4 driving schools before you make up your mind.

One school, that provides intensive driving course Norfolk, comes highly recommended is Chilled Driving Tuition. They have a great record of passing students because they hire only the best instructors. They also charge reasonable fees. You can get more information on their website,