British International boarding school

British international boarding school is a leading academic establishment offering international experience and competitive programs and quality GCSE and A level courses.


The typical small-sized class ensures a small student-teacher ratio translating to keen attention to all students, learning needs, ambitions and personal development.  Students’ enjoy close monitoring and assistance from teachers. The teachers employ innovative approaches to bring every student to learning activities and group discussions that build the students’ communication skills and confidence. Academic the programs are offered in the following categories:

1.    IGCSE Programme (One Year)

British international boarding school facilitates a highly competitive one year IGCSE programme suitable for students aged 15-17 years. A broad range subjects offers students’ diversified choices while ensuring curriculum balance. Mathematics, Science and English are the core and compulsory subjects. Subjects offered include: Mathematics, English Language, English Literature, Business studies, Sciences (Coordinated/double), Geography and History. Students can also choose International language:  French, Spanish, Russian and Italian.

2.    A Level course

The A-level course is tailored to boost students’ academic and individual growth in pursuit of academic excellence and career readiness. The course is offered in the following modes:

•    Year 13 A Level Entry- Suitable for students seeking a fresh start to complete their A Level year.

•    A Level One year fast track – Comprehensive program to complete the A level qualification in one year.

•    Two year A Level – Competitive program with attractive range of A Level subject combinations.

•    Five Term A Level – Students go through the A level program in five terms with an examination at the end.

Boarding Services

Students experience comfortable world-class boarding facilities with well trained professional staffs who are devoted to offering home experience and care.  Students enjoy well furnished Ensuite rooms giving the ambience and tranquillity necessary for mind relaxation. Safety and security are guaranteed.

Co-Curricular Activities

Students’ talent development is enhanced through sporting activities, cultural, educational and social activities organized throughout the term.